Monday, Afternoon
Finald eXtreme Programming Testing Techniques in Smalltalk
Convention Ctr – 201B
Joseph Pelrine, Daedalos Consulting

How much testing is enough? Too little? Too much? What do developers need to test? The available eXtreme Programming literature differentiates between unit testing and functional testing, and gives unit testing during development a (well-deserved and much-needed) high priority, but fails to address a number of other important aspects of developer testing: GUI testing, performance testing, and packaging/delivery testing, for example. This tutorial will illustrate new techniques such as implementing “skins” for SUnit, defining test resources for managing items which remain active over a series of tests (e.g., database connections), and automating or integrating various other tests into SUnit.

Participants will discover a number of new and alternative solutions for testing problems that have not yet been adequately addressed in either the XP literature or tools, along with working implementations of these techniques.

Presentation Format: The tutorial will be only partly lecture-based. Participants are encouraged to present problems (and possible solutions) encountered in their work, which the group will address and attempt to solve.

Attendee Background: Participants should have some experience in both Smalltalk and eXtreme Programming.

Joseph Pelrine is an expert Smalltalk programmer with over 11 years extensive OT experience and has worked with Kent Beck, the originator of XP, for a number of years. A former columnist for the Smalltalk Report and noted international speaker, he is currently a senior consultant with Daedalos Consulting in Switzerland. He is co-author of the forthcoming book, “Mastering ENVY/Developer,” due for publication from Cambridge University Press in fall, 2000.

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