Monday, Afternoon
Automating Unit Testing in Java
Convention Ctr – 211A
Nigel Bakker and Christopher Nel, CCH Software Development

Getting software developers to perform unit testing adequately is challenging. The Java language has some interesting features that make it possible to automate much of this task and even add an element of fun to it. This intermediate level tutorial provides an in-depth look at three different, but complementary, approaches to unit testing in Java using harnesses and frameworks. Java’s Reflection API and XML are both technologies that can be used by unit test frameworks. We show how they can be exploited to simplify and enable automated unit testing.

Presentation Format: A combination of lecture and workshop styles places the emphasis on learning through exploration, which allows attendees to put theory into practice.

Attendee Background: A working knowledge of Java is essential. Some experience with object modeling would be useful since many of the design elements are presented using the UML. The material is intended for developers and architects who would like to improve the quality of testing in their development processes.

Nigel Bakker is a Senior Consultant at CCH Software Development in the area of Object Oriented Application Development. He has had many years of software development experience applying Object Technology in applications ranging from banking systems to embedded controller and communication systems. He has designed and built systems in C++, Java and other languages. In his role as a Consultant and Mentor he often writes and presents training in various areas related to Object Technology. He also enjoys writing about Object Technology and has published several articles in South African publications, including the online publication ITWeb.

Christopher Nel is a software-development consultant with CCH in the area of OO. He works with customers to create ‘high quality software that leverages competitive advantage’ and has over a decade of relevant experience.

Nigel and Chris present their work locally and internationally and are both part-time lecturers.

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