Monday, Afternoon
Analysis Patterns
Convention Ctr – 208D
Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks

Over the last couple of years Software Patterns have become one of the most important areas for software development. Instead of describing abstract techniques to build software, they highlight useful examples that can be adapted and used again by developers. Although best known for object-oriented design, patterns are also a valuable technique for analysis. This tutorial looks at a selection of the patterns Martin Fowler has collected and published in his book “Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models.” The tutorial selects two areas: it first outlines patterns discovered in health care which were then used for corporate financial analysis – a prime example of how pattern reuse can cross traditional vertical domains. It then moves to accounting, showing how a financial system can be built as a network of accounts and posting rules that contain the rules for transferring the amounts between the accounts.

Presentation Format: Lecture.

Attendee Background: Attendees should have a working knowledge of OO analysis and design using the UML.

Martin Fowler has spent over a decade applying object technology to business information systems. He is the Chief Scientist for ThoughtWorks, an Internet professional services firm. He has worked on projects for leasing, payroll, derivatives trading and health care with a wide range of technologies. His clients have included Chrysler, Dana Commercial Credit, Andersen Consulting, and IBM. He is the author of the Addison-Wesley books “UML Distilled,” “Refactoring,” and “Analysis Patterns.”

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