Monday, Afternoon
Semantic Interoperability – Advanced Application Integration
Convention Ctr – 213B
Scott Pringle, Lockheed Martin Mission Systems
Thad Scheer, Blueprint Technologies

The desire to build “90% COTS” solutions is growing. Unfortunately, component-based systems with plug-and-play interoperability can be impeded by millions of lines (and dollars) in legacy software. Enterprise Application Integration is arguably the most important, most difficult, and least developed aspect of modern systems development. Because the enabling technologies are still under-developed, engineering discipline remains the best tool for controlling and limiting problematic dependencies. Luckily, techniques for developing highly pliable enterprise architectures are becoming available.

This tutorial covers the architectural goals best suited for enterprise systems integration, outlines the challenges and barriers to achieving those goals, and provides in-depth techniques for addressing the challenges. The focus is on the “semantic” issues behind software system interoperability. Also discussed are current industry enabling technologies, future technologies, lessons-learned, and pitfalls common with EAI projects.

Upon completion of the tutorial, attendees will understand the important goals and related challenges that drive application integration architectures. Attendees will be able to assess a project’s semantic needs for interoperability and will be given techniques for deciding which technologies and architectural approaches are best suited.

Presentation Format: Lecture and Guided Discovery.

Attendee Background: Knowledge of OO and software architecture

Scott Pringle is a Senior Software Architect and System Architect for Lockheed Martin Mission Systems in Gaithersburg, MD. As a member of the Software Technology and Architecture Center he provides expertise to programs and proposals in the areas of System and Software Architecture, Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Implementation. Scott consults with projects of varying sizes (from 8 to 300 engineers) across Lockheed Martin. In addition, Scott prepares and presents training material in the areas of Software Architecture and Object-Oriented Technologies. Scott has developed and delivered Lockheed Martin Workshops on Design By Contract, Association Implementation, Executable Framework Development, Object-Oriented Essentials, Designing Interfaces, and Dependency Analysis.

Thad Scheer is a Senior Software Architect and OO Mentor for Blueprint Technologies Inc., a premier software architecture company. He has worked both on and off the critical path for over a dozen projects of all sizes in multiple domains. Thad is an expert at applying OO towards achieving high degrees of productivity and quality. Thad is also an instructor with Learning Tree International where he teaches OOA/D, UML, and Advanced C++.

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