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XML Dynamically with C++
Convention Ctr – 101D
Detlef Vollmann, Vollmann Engineering GmbH

XML is becoming the standard for exchanging information between business partners. For example, you might create an XML application to order new material from a supplier, and write a generator that puts the order data into an XML document according to the supplier’s DTD. And it works quite well. But, now you must also support another supplier – with a completely different DTD. How? This is exactly the scenario where meta-information becomes useful. Meta-information and reflection allow you to add new application classes at run-time.

This tutorial introduces an approach in C++ to configure the processing of new DTDs at runtime, without any changes to the program’s source code. That approach is based on the techniques presented in the tutorial “Metaclasses in C++” (#22). It also presents some general techniques to handle XML using C++. Participants will acquire a thorough understanding of the potential of C++ to master the challenges of modern XML applications.

Presentation Format: Lecture.

Attendee Background: This tutorial builds on the approach presented in “Meta-Classes in C++” and requires therefore that participants have attended that tutorial as well (or have acquired similar knowledge elsewhere). General knowledge about XML and DTDs is helpful.

Detlef Vollmann has a background of 15 years in software engineering and more than 10 years with object technology. As an independent consultant he supports several Swiss companies with the design of object-oriented systems. Since 1991 he has authored and taught courses in C++, Object-Oriented Technologies, Software Architecture, and Distributed Computing for Swiss Digicomp AG.

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