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Component Technologies for the Middle Tier (CORBA Components, EJB, COM+)
Convention Ctr – 101A
Michael Stal, Siemens AG

When developers build large-scale industrial software systems they have to cope with network environments. Middleware technologies such as CORBA help to master the complexity of inter-process communication. However, an object-oriented remote method invocation paradigm alone is insufficient for building sophisticated distributed software systems. We also need services such as transactions, persistence, and security. Thus, developers typically spend more than 50% of their time integrating these services instead of focusing on application logic. Wouldn’t it be better if the middleware infrastructure could integrate all of these services for us? This is exactly what server technologies such as Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA Components, and COM+ provide.

The goal of this tutorial is to present, compare, and interweave technologies for middle tier components. In its first part, the tutorial will introduce fundamental concepts behind server component technologies using patterns. In the second part, we will introduce and compare the technologies themselves. The main focus of the third part is design principles for how to efficiently leverage these component technologies. Attendees will get a detailed overview of the main principles of server component technologies. The tutorial will enable them to compare, evaluate, and leverage technologies such as CORBA Components, COM+, and EJB.

Presentation Format: Lecture.

Attendee Background: Attendees should be familiar with Distributed Object Computing infrastructures, e.g., CORBA, COM, or RMI. Sound knowledge of object-oriented programming is required.

Michael Stal is head of the Distributed Object and Component Computing group at Siemens Corporate Technology. He is co-author of the book “Pattern-Oriented-Software Architecture - A System of Patterns” as well as of “POSA2- Patterns for Distributed and Concurrent Objects” (to appear at OOPSLA 2000). Michael represents Siemens at the OMG. He is editor-in-chief of the German magazine Java Spektrum, and president of the International Java Club.

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