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The Art of Object-Oriented Design
Convention Ctr – 201A
Nigel Bakker and Christopher Nel, CCH Software Development

Design is as much an art as it is a science. To practice the “art of design,” you need creativity, balanced with tools and techniques, just like an artist. What is a “good” design and what is a “bad” design? “Good” and “bad” are both relative terms – they imply a median and tools or criteria with which to measure.

This intermediate level tutorial seeks to give attendees insight into the art and science of OO design. Using a group workshop approach, we develop phases of a design problem. At various stages, we analyze results and discuss the tradeoffs and issues raised. We explore design principles and patterns in an appropriate context and work through the actual designs, highlighting decisions taken and influencing factors.

This is a fast-paced learning experience. The objective is to actively participate in a compressed OO design process and gain appropriate tools and techniques to leverage in your own design work. This tutorial is fun to attend and will hone your design and teaming abilities.

Presentation Format: The tutorial is presented as a series of interactive workshops. Attendees work in groups with feedback sessions following each workshop. Appropriate material is presented on a just-in-time basis.

Attendee Background: This tutorial is aimed at architects, designers and developers moving into or interested in object-oriented design. Basic understanding of the UML is required.

Nigel Bakker is a Senior Consultant at CCH Software Development in the area of object-oriented application development. He has had many years of software development experience applying object technology in applications ranging from banking systems to embedded controller and communication systems. He has designed and built systems in C++, Java, and other languages. In his role as a Consultant and Mentor he often writes and presents training in various areas related to object technology. He also enjoys writing about object technology and has published several articles in South African publications, including the online publication ITWeb.

Christopher Nel is a software-development consultant with CCH in the area of OO. He works with customers to create ‘high quality software that leverages competitive advantage’ and has over a decade of relevant experience.

Nigel and Chris present their work locally and internationally and are both part-time lecturers.

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