Sunday, Full Day
Designing Software Architectures Using a Pattern Language
Convention Ctr – 102D
Alan O'Callaghan, De Montfort University
Kevlin Henney, Curbralan Limited

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create the software architecture of an application or a system using a pattern language. An introductory, background presentation will argue that architectural knowledge is "configurational knowledge" which is expressed through high-level structure but is not reducible to it. Software Architecture impacts on organizational structure and the creative process as well as on the technical system itself. Pattern languages can capture and express architectural knowledge, and therefore guide design in all these aspects. A subset of patterns from the ADAPTOR pattern language (authored by Alan O'Callaghan), together with some of Kevlin Henneyís distributed patterns, will be presented.

In the hands-on part of the tutorial, using supplied materials (reference cards, etc.) the attendees will be split up in groups and will be asked to utilize the patterns supplied to develop an outline solution to a case study. Cross-group as well as intra-group collaboration will be required for a successful outcome. Entitled WindowShopper, the specification will be a subset of a real, current development for the retail supply industry that has utilized the ADAPTOR patterns in its development. In a summary section, attendees will get the chance to critically review what they have experienced.

Presentation Format: The format is a combination of lecture presentation (punctuated by short supportive exercises) to introduce the pattern language (2 hours) and a group-based exercise to develop an architecture based on a case study (4 hours).

Attendee Background: Developers of all kinds (i.e., architects, designers, analysts, programmers, etc.) with experience with object technology are welcome, but those charged with maintaining the conceptual integrity of large, legacy, or distributed systems will benefit most.

Alan O'Callaghan is a senior researcher at De Montfort University's Software Technology Research Laboratory. Alan has been at DMU since 1989, having previously worked for companies such as the London Transport Executive, BOC Ltd., and Kodak UK. His research focus is on software architecture, reuse, software patterns, and the migration of legacy systems. He is also a sought after consultant to industry and has been involved in major projects in the telecommunications, defence, retail, and embedded command and control system industries. He has edited two books on applied OT and is currently writing two more. He writes a regular column in Application Development Advisor (formerly Object Expert) on legacy system migration. Alan is the author of the ADAPTOR pattern language. Alan is a member of the BCS Object Oriented Programming and Systems specialist group national committee, the IEEE, and the ACM Computer Society. He also is a member of both the Institute of Analysts and Programmers, and World Wide Institute of Software Architects

Kevlin Henney is an independent trainer and consultant focusing on C++, Java, OO, design, patterns, and software architecture. He has written and delivered numerous courses on C++, Java, OOD, patterns, distributed objects, and component architectures. He was with QA Training, the leading UK IT training company, for four years. Prior to that he worked as a software engineer for a number of companies. He has been working with OO since 1990, and is known in the UK for his articles and presentations on patterns, design, C++, and Java. He is a member of the BSI (British Standards Institute) C++ standards panel. He is a columnist for C++ Report and Java Report and has written many articles for a variety of other magazines and journals. He is much in demand as a conference speaker and has presented tutorials and workshops at many conferences.

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