Monday, Morning
Testing Object Oriented Software
Convention Ctr – 211B
John McGregor, Software Architects

This tutorial provides the attendee with a broad view of testing, including quality-related issues such as inspections and reviews in addition to static and dynamic testing of code. It relates the quality of the design methodology being used to the correctness of the software. A number of specific techniques are presented which exploit object-oriented design principles to reduce the amount of work required in the testing process. The goal is to generate the minimal number of test cases and to execute the minimal number of cases at each level of testing.
This tutorial’s objective is to prepare attendees to effectively use a formal testing process in developing object-oriented applications. Upon completion of this tutorial attendees will be able to:
  • Understand the problems unique to testing object-oriented software
  • Design classes that are more easily testable
  • Create both static and dynamic test cases for object-oriented software
  • Effectively use the Hierarchical Incremental Testing method
  • Structure development and test teams more effectively

Presentation Format: Lecture

Attendee Background: This tutorial is directed toward anyone who is interested in testing objects.

Dr. John D. McGregor is an associate professor of computer science at Clemson University and a senior partner in Software Architects, a software design consulting firm specializing in object-oriented design techniques. Dr. McGregor has developed testing techniques for object-oriented software and developed custom testing processes for a variety of companies. Dr. McGregor is also co-author of “A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software” to be published by Addison-Wesley. He has published numerous articles on testing including a monthly column on testing objects in the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming.

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