Monday, Full Day
C++ Patterns: Principles, Idioms, and Techniques
Convention Ctr – 202A/B
Kevlin Henney, Curbralan Limited

C++ provides a context for design and expressing design. It offers a number of mechanisms that may be used to express design, working from problem to solution. Principles can organize mechanisms into a more useful framework. For instance, given that low coupling and high cohesion are desirable properties, what mechanisms are available to C++ developers to reduce dependencies in a large application? Exceptions are a part of modern C++ and threading is commonly available on many operating systems, but what idiomatic practices ensure that code is safe in the presence of different control flow models? How do features such as operator overloading, const, and templates support a more general approach to abstraction than inheritance alone?

This tutorial focuses on describing contemporary techniques used at the idiomatic level in ISO/ANSI C++. This includes a few conventional design patterns and traditional C++ idioms, but the main focus is on those that are indigenous to modern C++.

Presentation Format: The tutorial is based around lectures and discussion.

Attendee Background: The tutorial is suitable for developers with intermediate to advanced C++ skills. Existing familiarity with patterns is not required.

Kevlin Henney is an independent trainer and consultant focusing on C++, Java, OO, design, patterns, and software architecture. He has written and delivered numerous courses on C++, Java, OOD, patterns, distributed objects and component architectures. He was with QA Training, the leading UK IT training company for four years. Prior to that he worked as a software engineer for a number of companies. He has been working with OO since 1990, and is known in the UK for his articles and presentations on patterns, design, C++, and Java. He is a member of the BSI (British Standards Institute) C++ standards panel. He is a columnist for C++ Report and Java Report and has written many articles for a variety of other magazines and journals. He is much in demand as a conference speaker and has presented tutorials and workshops at many conferences.

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