Monday, Full Day
Describing Software Architectures Using the UML
Convention Ctr – 208C
Wojtek Kozaczynski and Philippe Kruchten, Rational Software Corporation

The presence of a solid architectural vision is a key discriminator in the success or failure of a software project. This tutorial examines what software architecture is and what it is not. It discusses and illustrates how to describe architecture through a set of design viewpoints and views and how to express these views in the UML. It also provides an overview of how architectures drive the development process and how to capture proven architectural design patterns in the UML. The objective of this tutorial is to give the attendees the guidelines on how to use the UML to describe the architecture of a software-intensive system, how to express architectural patterns in UML, and how to (re)use them.

Presentation Format: The tutorial will be primarily lecture, but we will encourage active participation by inviting questions and challenging the audience with common or exemplary problems.

Attendee Background: Basic understanding of the UML is helpful, but not essential. Understanding of and practical experience with a software development process are helpful.

Dr. Wojtek Kozaczynski is the Director of Architecture Practice at Rational Software. This new practice focuses on helping customers of Rational successfully develop architectures of complex, software-intensive system. Dr. Kozaczynski has 20 years of industrial and academic experience. Prior to joining Rational he was the chief architect at an ERP company and prior to that he directed a software engineering research and development laboratory at Andersen Consulting. He has consulted on and led development of large distributed commercial systems. He developed tools for distributed systems design and tools for software analysis. He also has extensive database background.

Dr. Philippe Kruchten is the Director of Process Development at Rational Software Corp. He has 25 years of experience in development of large-scale software-intensive systems in the areas of telecommunication, defense, aerospace, transportation, and software development tools. Dr. Kruchten has been with Rational Software for 11 years, consulting on issues of design and object-technology. As a technical consultant he led software architecture development for the Canadian Automated Air Traffic Control System. He has been involved in the development of the programming language Ada and worked for European telecommunication manufacturer Alcatel designing telecom switches.

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