Monday, Morning
Website Personalization with Java (JSP's, Servlets, and EJB's)
Convention Ctr – 208A
Skyler Thomas, IBM WebSphere Services

The competition to grab eyeballs is quite intense. Creating a unique and personalized Web experience is the best way to win customers and keep them coming back for more. This session will explore the ways that we have used OO technologies to amaze our biggest customers. We will attempt to fill in all the details necessary to form a coherent personalization solution using Java technology like EJBs, JSPs, and Servlets. You can use these tools to customize the look and feel of your Website in extremely complex ways. Even more advanced and exciting is the ability to establish a profile for your users without them ever having to fill out long and tedious preference forms. This tutorial will explore the entire lifecycle of a personalization project. We will dig deep into the relevant technologies and give you our first hand project experience.

This tutorial will prepare the participants to (1) begin to deploy Java personalization technologies, (2) address the performance issues of personalization, and (3 understand the privacy issues in deploying a personalized solution.

Presentation Format: This tutorial will be 70% presentation based. The remaining 30% will be a deep and free form discussion between the presenter and the audience.

Attendee Background: Anyone interested in building a richly personalized Website.

Skyler Thomas is a Senior Consultant with IBM WebSphere Services. He has been an active leader in Object Technology for over ten years. He is a recognized expert in project management for n-tier systems. He is also one of the gurus in the emerging field of personalization. He has consulted internationally with many companies in the Banking, Insurance, and E-Commerce industries. He has spoken at conferences like OOPSLA 99, JavaOne 99, and WebSphere 2000, and has published several OO-related articles.

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