Monday, Morning
A Hands-On Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Convention Ctr – 205C
Michael Sandberg, Monster Computing Series

It is hard to believe that more than thirteen years have passed since Frederick Brooks wrote his classic article and coined a new data processing vocabulary term: “Silver Bullet”. As Brooks wrote in 1986, unlike the werewolf, which could only be killed by a silver bullet, we haven’t been able to develop a silver bullet to help kill the software project beast of missed schedules, overblown budgets, and the production of flawed software products. Brooks also points out that there was no silver bullet in sight, either, from the world of technology or management.

My goal is to show you how to write better software. By integrating the object-oriented language C++, the UML, and the Rational Unified Process, we will perhaps have enough silver components to at least stun the beast of poor quality and bug-ridden software – perhaps even knock it on its hairy rear end. Although we might never be able to truly kill it, we will have some great ammunition. We just need to make sure we use it properly.

Presentation Format: Highly interactive, some whiteboard drawing, candy, toys and bugs.

Attendee Background: A desire to finally understand all the gobbly-gook terminology and technology associated with object-oriented analysis and design.

Michael S. Sandberg published his first book, “Monster C++: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming using C++ and the Unified Modeling Language (UML),” in 1998. He has had several articles published and is a frequent speaker at conferences including ones at IBM and Microsoft.

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