Monday, Full Day
Modeling Traits of E-Business Components
Convention Ctr – 102D
Alan Cameron Wills, Trireme International Ltd.

E-business components meet others they have never met before, do business, move on. Some contacts will be regular, others transient; all involve negotiation, establishment of a common language, contracts.

In the past, interoperability standards were restricted within particular businesses, and largely inflexible. For effective e-business, all components need to be able to interoperate at some level, any pair able to work out what they can achieve together – whether just the basic idea of a sale, or a more detailed understanding between components in the same business sector.

These negotiations require reference to Web-accessible common standards for interface models. We need the standards to share common parts to enable interoperation between business sectors, and models should be able to be combined to make others. We need the models to cover not just the syntax, but the semantics of rules and operations. To check to what extent components are interoperable, we need to understand the rules of trait composition, and be able to apply them dynamically. And to be sure that components really conform to the traits they claim to, we need to be able to express the specifications in terms of concrete test schemes.

This tutorial will discuss the issues in setting up an architecture of open standards in which widely differing components can understand each others’ capabilities and thereby negotiate unambiguous communication.

Presentation Format: The tutorial will be largely doing rather than listening. Presentation will consist of cycles of:

  • presentation of issue
  • exercise in groups
  • discussion of the outcome

Attendee Background: Software developers.

Alan Cameron Wills is Principal Consultant with Trireme International Ltd. He has been mentoring in software development since 1991, working with clients in telecoms, finance, and commerce in various parts of Europe and the USA. Alan is joint author of “Objects, Components and Frameworks in UML – the Catalysis Approach.” He is a frequent conference presenter, is Tutorials Chair of TOOLS Europe 1999 and 2000, and serves on the panels and committees of several other events.

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