Monday, Full Day
Adaptive Software Development: Managing Projects in an e-business World
Convention Ctr – 102C
Jim Highsmith, Information Architects, Inc.

The Internet and e-business change software project management. Extreme pressures (high speed, high change, and uncertainty) require that we alter time-honored views on how projects are managed. Adaptive Software Development focuses on shared understanding (rather than documents); results, people, and skills (rather than process); collaboration and group decision-making. Adaptive Software Development presents a new iterative life cycle—Speculate, Collaborate, Learn—and practices relevant to each of these phases. Rooted in Complex Adaptive Systems theory, adaptive development revels in a non-linear, non-deterministic view of the world, at the edge of chaos, where planning is tenuous and control impossible—a world of adaptation, not optimization. ASD is results driven rather than process driven. The workshop also introduces a futuristic management model—Leadership-Collaboration—to replace the antiquated Command-Control model.

Participants will learn the basics of Adaptive Software Development and engage in hands-on exercises for creating a mission-driven, component-based, iterative project plan.

Presentation Format: The workshop will be 40% lecture and 60% team-based exercises including some “fun” with “The Bead Game” simulation.

Attendee Background: The tutorial is targeted at software development managers, project managers, and team leaders. Basic project management knowledge will be helpful.

Jim Highsmith, is President of Information Architects, Inc., author of “Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems,” and editor of e-business “Application Delivery.” He has 30 years experience as a consultant, software developer, manager, and writer. Jim has published dozens of articles in major industry publications. In the last ten years, he has worked with both IT organizations and software companies in the US, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand to help them adapt to the accelerated pace of development in increasingly complex, uncertain environments.

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