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What's New in CORBA 3?
Convention Ctr – 101B
Jon Siegel, Object Management Group

Recent additions to the set of OMG standards bring CORBA into the world of modern networking: the Internet and corporate intranets, with their requirements for high throughput and large numbers of objects storing correspondingly large amounts of data, as well as specialized environments such as real-time and embedded systems. Under the banner CORBA 3, these additions fall into three major categories:
  • Java and Internet Integration, including a reverse mapping from an Java to OMG IDL, an IIOP Firewall specification, and a definition of URLs for CORBA objects on the Internet
  • Quality of Service Control, including a complete set of asynchronous and messaging invocation modes, QoS management, and specifications for Real-Time, Embedded (minimal), and Fault-Tolerant CORBA
  • The CORBA Component Model (CCM), which packages up the most successful server development patterns into a sophisticated development and run-time environment

After taking this tutorial, attendees will be familiar with all of the different parts of the CORBA 3 specification.

Presentation Format: Presentation

Attendee Background: Attendees should be familiar with fundamental CORBA concepts. Attendance at the companion tutorial “Introduction to OMG’s CORBA and Object Management Architecture” is sufficient.

Jon Siegel, Ph.D., OMG’s Director of Technology Transfer, heads OMG’s technology transfer program with the goal of teaching the technical aspects and benefits of the Object Management Architecture including CORBA, the CORBAservices, the Domain specifications in vertical markets ranging from healthcare, life sciences, and telecommunications to manufacturing and retail systems, and the modeling specifications UML, MOF, and XMI. In this capacity, he presents tutorials, seminars, and company briefings around the world, and writes magazine articles and books including the popular “CORBA 3 Fundamentals and Programming.” With OMG since 1993, Siegel previously chaired the Domain Technology Committee responsible for OMG specifications in the vertical domains.

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