Sunday, Afternoon
Mulitparadigm Design and Efficiency in C++
Convention Ctr – 205C
Stanley Lippman, Dreamworks Feature Animation

Smart, well-designed, and correct C++ programs can sometimes be highly inefficient. In many cases it is possible to dramatically reduce these efficiency problems (without giving up the abstraction) using a variety of techniques and idioms. This tutorial presents a series of C++ programming idioms for writing efficient C++ programs. The tutorial looks at class and class hierarchical design, the efficient use of the STL containers and generic algorithms, and such issues as locality of declaration and the Proxy design pattern. Participants will gain an understanding of the underlying C++ object model and language idioms in support of that model. With this knowledge, the participants should find themselves programming more efficiently and with more confidence.

Presentation Format: Presentation and demonstration.

Attendee Background: The attendees should be familiar with the standard C++ programming language.

Stanley Lippman is a member of technical staff at DreamWorks Feature Animation where he is currently technical lead for a real-time Pencil Test system with audio synchronization. Prior to this, Stan was a principal software engineer at Walt Disney Feature Animation, and a member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories where he was involved in the development of C++. He is the author of “C++ Primer” (co-authored with Josee Lajoie), “Inside the C++ Object Model,” and “Essential C++.”

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