Sunday, Afternoon
Applying the Lessons of eXtreme Programming
Convention Ctr – 205A
Pete McBreen, McBreen Consulting

This tutorial is for people who want to find out more about eXtreme Programming with an eye toward improving the software development process. Managing the incremental, iterative development processes required by modern software systems is not easy, so it is useful to see what lessons can be learned from the process that has taken incremental development to extremes. eXtreme Programming projects manage to be successful with a 3 week delivery cycle, incrementally gathering requirements and adding fully tested, useful system features every increment.

This tutorial is intended to prepare the participant to become actively involved in experimenting with and tuning their current development process.

Presentation Format: This tutorial will be an inquiry directed through the use of presentation material. For each of the lessons identified there will be group inquiry and discussion about the applicability of the lesson to other development processes.

Attendee Background: The tutorial is targeted to those individuals interested in identifying individual and group software development practices that will allow them to improve their delivery capability.

Pete McBreen is a course designer, teacher, and project lead in object technology. He is responsible for ensuring that project teams make effective use of object technology on projects including project startup, methodology and tool selection, mentoring, process improvement, system design, and quality assurance. With over 15 years of industry experience, he has been successfully using and teaching OO techniques since 1989.

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