Sunday, Afternoon
OPEN: Beyond RUP
Convention Ctr – 201B
Brian Henderson-Sellers, University of Technology, Sydney

The increased complexity associated with large-scale software development requires an increase in the sophistication of the methodology utilized. The third generation method/process RUP is described in detail and then evaluated for its efficacy in industry. This leads to suggestions to extend and recast it to remove its identified deficiencies. The result is the Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation, or OPEN, method/process, a public domain, third-generation approach, which is then outlined. The overall aims of the tutorial are to critically evaluate RUP and OPEN as the two most viable OO/CBD (Component-Based Development) processes available today.

Presentation Format: Lecture.

Attendee Background: Fully conversant with basic OO terminology and the need for a full lifecycle process. Experience with OO methodologies is advantageous. This tutorial is of particular interest to project managers, systems developers, analysts, and designers who require information on modern OOAD methodological/process thinking.

Brian Henderson-Sellers is Director of the Centre for Object Technology Applications and Research (COTAR) and Professor of Information Systems at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). He is author of eight books on object technology and is well-known for his work in OO methodologies and metamodelling (MOSES, COMMA, and OPEN) and in OO metrics. He was recently voted number 3 in Who’s Who of Object Technology (“Handbook of Object Technology,” 1999, Appendix N).

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