Sunday, Morning
From Widgets To Beans
Convention Ctr – 208C
Fintan Culwin, South Bank University

The widgets in the Java AWT and JFC collections supply the fundamental components that are required for the construction of standard user interfaces. However, many situations require more specialized components to be developed. This tutorial will expose the processes involved in first developing a specialized component and then upgrading it to become JavaBean compliant. This will be done within the context of designing for usability and reusability from the outset.

After the tutorial, attendees will be able to:

  • distinguish internal from external event handling
  • illustrate internal event handling within the context of a specialized component
  • demonstrate designing for usability by means of STDs
  • describe a minimum set of methods that should be considered when developing specialized components
  • consider the stated requirements of a JavaBean
  • illustrate the stepwise refinement of a specialized component into a JavaBean and demonstrate it within a bean tool

Presentation Format: Presentation and demonstration.

Attendee Background: An advanced tutorial intended for attendees who are already familiar with the use of the AWT or JFC widget set and who wish to learn how to develop specialized components for particular requirements within the context of the JavaBean specification.

Fintan Culwin is a Reader in Software Engineering Education at South Bank University: London specializing in Software Engineering and HCI, particularly in the integration of usability considerations in the earliest stages of production processes. He has published five books, including two on Java, and is currently completing a sixth on the JFC. He has published extensively on Internet issues and has presented sessions on the Web and Java at a series of international conferences including: SIGCSE ‘97, 98, & 99, BCS HCI ‘96, ‘97, & ‘98, ITiCSE ‘98, CHI ‘99, and OOPSLA ‘98 & ‘99.

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