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Choosing Database Technology for Object-Oriented Applications
Convention Ctr – 208B
Jens Coldewey, Coldewey Consulting
Wolfgang Keller, Generali Group

Today’s software architects have to choose between three different database techniques: object databases, relational databases, and object-relational databases. All of these have different advantages and liabilities. Most vendor statements are not fully dependable because they overemphasize the advantages of their product without mapping them to real-world requirements. A database paradigm that does not fit the project’s requirements may result in several severe problems including unsolvable performance problems and even project crashes. This tutorial teaches architects to choose between the various techniques and to find the solution that best fits their project. It discusses the techniques from an unbiased perspective. Consequently it discusses basic paradigms rather than actual products.

After the tutorial, attendees should:

  • know what the basic database paradigms are
  • understand the differences between them
  • understand the forces that drive a selection
  • know how each database paradigm affects these forces
  • know how to set up an evaluation of a database paradigm.

Presentation Format: The tutorial will be a lecture with group exercises on specific case studies.

Attendee Background: This tutorial is aimed at experienced designers of data-intensive applications. They should have basic knowledge of one relational or object database and should feel comfortable with object-oriented design.

Jens Coldewey is an independent consultant from Munich, Germany, specialized in deploying object-oriented techniques in large organizations. He has published several articles, papers, and patterns on both object-oriented and relational databases.

Wolfgang Keller is a manager of reusable software components for Generali insurance group in Vienna, Austria. His responsibilities include the technical base for Generali’s Phoenix line of insurance applications, product architecture and project coordination for Generali’s distributed development across parts of Europe.

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