Sunday, Morning
Managing an Object Oriented Web Project without Being Shot
Convention Ctr – 205C
Skyler Thomas, IBM WebSphere Services

Combining object-oriented technology with the World Wide Web can be a complex affair for any project manager. The visibility and distributed nature of the Web may force you to deal with a host of issues that you are not likely to experience when managing traditional client/server projects. You will face an incredible tension between scalability, stability, and time to market from various project stakeholders. We will try to pass on techniques from our own bag of tricks to navigate this minefield. This session will draw from our own experience in managing successful Enterprise Java projects rather than standard project management theory.

Tutorial participants will (1) learn to build realistic project plans and work breakdown structures, (2) understand how to evaluate and select your proposed tools and technologies, (3) explore hiring and training issues, and (4) learn to avoid some of the most common pitfalls on object-oriented Web projects.

Presentation Format: This tutorial will be 70% presentation based. The remaining 30% will be a deep and free form discussion between the presenter and the audience

Attendee Background: Project managers and developers interested in building an object-oriented Web application the right way.

Skyler Thomas is a Senior Consultant with IBM WebSphere Services. He has been an active leader in Object Technology for over ten years. He is a recognized expert in project management for n-tier systems. He is also one of the gurus in the emerging field of personalization. He has consulted internationally with many companies in the Banking, Insurance, and E-Commerce industries. He has spoken at conferences like OOPSLA 99, JavaOne 99, and WebSphere 2000, and has published several OO-related articles.

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