Sunday, Morning
eXteme Programming Live!
Convention Ctr – 205B
William Wake, Capital One
Steve Metsker, Capital One

eXtreme Programming (XP) is a lightweight software development methodology that emphasizes ongoing user involvement, automated testing, and pay-as-you-go design. This tutorial introduces XP practices through hands-on exercises:
  • Planning Game: User Stories, On-Site Customer
  • Programming Game: Test-First Programming, Unit Testing, Pair Programming
  • Refactoring Game: Code Smells, Once-and-Only-Once, Refactoring

The exercises are paper-based and use a robot programming language. Student Volunteers help play the part of the customer and the unit testing framework.

As a participant, you will help create a live simulation of several key practices of eXtreme Programming.

Presentation Format: About 2/3 audience exercises, 1/3 slides and discussion.

Attendee Background: Some familiarity with object-oriented concepts is helpful; no prior experience with XP is needed.

Steve Metsker has been learning and writing about computer science since Jimmy Connors was the extreme in tennis and Jaws was the extreme in fish. In his writing, Steve has pursued topics that empower programmers, with articles on interpreters, OO weights and measures, and object relationship modeling. In his work, Steve has come to believe in involving users early, hooking requirements to testing, automating testing, and refactoring code. eXtreme Programming consolidates these practices and more into a lightweight methodology that works. In his current job, Steve actively injects XP practices into real world application development.

William Wake has been programming almost as long. He is interested in XP, patterns, human-computer interaction, and information retrieval. He is author (with Stephen Drye) of “Java Foundation Classes: Swing Reference,” as well as several articles on other topics.

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