16th Annual ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications

October 14-18, 2001
Tampa, Florida USA

As you enjoy OOPSLA 2000, we urge you to consider contributing to OOPSLA '01, which will be held in sunny Florida.

As an OOPSLA 2000 attendee, you already realize that OOPSLA is the premiere forum for object technology. OOPSLA is the coming together of a wide range of professionals all interested in the roots of object technology and what has sprung from those roots. What you may not realize is the number of ways for you to contribute: from carefully refereed papers that will be archived to demonstrations of late-breaking technology to informal birds-of-a-feather meetings. It will be your papers, your ideas, your active debate, your learning, and your shared experiences that will make OOPLSA 2001 outstanding.

OOPSLA is a collage of technical papers, practitioner reports, topical panels, inspiring invited speakers, exhibits, posters, demonstrations, formal and informal educational symposia, workshops, an exceptional tutorial program that affords participants the opportunity for a deep or broad education on object technology, and plenty of social opportunities for mingling and professional networking. OOPSLA is the venue for exchanging ideas and experiences in the field. OOPSLA has proven its value to the broad range of professionals interested in object technology ñ from seasoned veterans to newcomers, from industrial researchers and academics to technical developers and users, from students to gurus. OOPSLA provides a unique opportunity for you to share your research and experience with others. Why not seize that opportunity?

For more information about actively participating in OOPSLA '01 (and for submission deadlines and details) please contact the OOPLSA '01 office or the OOPSLA '01 web page:


465 NE 181 Street
Suite 463
Portland, OR 97230

Voice: +1-503-252-5709
Fax: +1-503-261-0964
Email: oopsla01@acm.org

Conference Chair: Linda Northrop, Software Engineering Institute

Program Chair: John Vlissides, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

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