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Minneapolis was ranked in 1998 by Money magazine as the best large Midwestern city in which to live.

Minneapolis was named one of the safest cities in the United States.

Minneapolis features 22 lakes and 170 parks and with the Mississippi River winding through the city.

Downtown’s Nicollet Mall (a 12-block pedestrian thoroughfare adjacent to conference hotels) is home to more than 400 stores, which translates into more retail outlets in a four-block radius than any other city in the country. Minneapolis ranks fifth in the country in total downtown retail sales, only behind New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco. Suburban Bloomington is home to the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the country— the Mall of America. There is no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota.

All the wonderful downtown shopping areas, along with a multitude of restaurants, hotels, and other attractions, are connected by Minneapolis’ famed Skyways, a system of elevated enclosed walkways connecting more than 60 blocks of downtown Minneapolis.

The strength of the local theater community is evident in the more than 100 theater companies and 30 smaller theater venues sprinkled throughout the city.

The Twin Cities is the only metropolitan area in the country to have two world-class orchestras. The Minnesota Orchestra performs at Orchestra Hall in downtown Minneapolis and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra presents concerts at the Ordway. And, in the spirit of all big cities, Minneapolis is also home to the Minnesota Opera and Minnesota Ballet.

Minnesota Quick Facts

“Minnesota” translates literally to “sky-tinted water.” The first time the possibility of statehood was introduced in Congress, the state's name was spelled “Minasota.” The state was admitted to the Union in 1858, the 32nd state admitted.

Minnesota, at 84,402 square miles, is the nation's 12th largest state. 4,854 square miles of Minnesota's area is covered by water.

Of Minnesota’s thousands of lakes, 118 are named “Long Lake” and 201 are named “Mud Lake.”

Minnesota has one boat per six Minnesota residents.

Minnesota is home to 66 state parks (233,000 acres), 57 state forests (3,317,000 acres), one national park (219,000 acres) and two national forests (4,521,000 acres).

Minnesota ranks 19th nationally in annual tourism business receipts (direct travel expenditures minus sales taxes). Tourism is a $7 billion business each year in Minnesota.

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